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Stay connected on the road


Keep in touch on the road with Dual Bluetooth® connectivity from the DSX-B700. EXTRA BASS enhances the beats in your music, while the 4 x 55 W amplification gives you all the volume you need. Stream tracks from your iPhone and Android smartphone easily with the AOA 2.0-compatible front USB port.
  • Dual Bluetooth® lets you connect two smartphones simultaneously

  • Voice control with Siri Eyes Free and Android2

  • 4 x 55 W

  • Turn on EXTRA BASS3 for a dynamic low end boost

  • AOA 2.0 compatible USB terminal lets you connect music players and smartphones4

Double-DIN media receiver with Dual BLUETOOTH® connectivity

Keep in touch on the road with dual Bluetooth® connectivity. Enjoy powerful audio on your journey, and let the Sony | Music Centre app and 3-line high-contrast LCD screen ensure smooth, simple operation — including voice control for a range of functions.

Product shot showing three pre-outs<img src=”//www.sony.com/image/6dabd726c48515ee4b3b7a73cf400389?fmt=png-alpha&wid=400″ alt=”Product shot showing three pre-outs” class=””>

Expand your sound system

Three pre-outs mean you can hook up external amplifiers for an even more powerful system.

Bluetooth® Logo<img src=”//www.sony.com/image/0dee06a2ff0793ab168b9bda80095ef3?fmt=png-alpha&wid=400″ alt=”Bluetooth® Logo” class=””>

Connect to your smartphone

Enjoy hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming.

Voice control icon<img src=”//www.sony.com/image/a652c1c9d9b5673aa32e62db62e9f7bf?fmt=png-alpha&wid=400″ alt=”Voice control icon” class=””>

Control with your voice

Use voice commands to get directions, play music, and communicate with contacts when connected with your smartphone.

Connect two smartphones, with Dual Bluetooth®

Pair your first phone using Bluetooth® for full access to navigation, music playback and communication features. A second phone can be connected simultaneously for making and receiving hands-free calls.

Voice control with Siri icon<img src=”//www.sony.com/image/502c7caefff2050ae0cf951bdbb9ee99?fmt=png-alpha&wid=162″ alt=”Voice control with Siri icon” class=””>

Bring Siri on the road

Hook up your iOS device to control the music in it, navigation, messaging, and more, using Siri Eyes Free.2

Voice control for Android icon<img src=”//www.sony.com/image/4677aed5b8ed956f39f833997be09d6d?fmt=png-alpha&wid=162″ alt=”Voice control for Android icon” class=””>

Voice control for Android

Use voice control to get directions, send messages and play tracks on your smartphone.

Control by talking

Enjoy helpful smartphone features without taking your eyes off the road. Voice control lets you manage music, get real-time directions and communicate with contacts—all via simple spoken commands.

Bring more immersive sound on every journey

Enjoy clear and natural audio, driven by powerful amplification and customizable audio settings.

  • High-power amp 
  • Graphic Equalizer
  • Three pre-outs

Brighten up your dashboard

Choose from a range of colors and patterns to match your in-car decor with Dynamic Color Illuminator. Watch the color of your unit change in synchronization with your music.

FLAC logo<img src=”//www.sony.com/image/d962a009008ee08e2baea954e23ca447?fmt=png-alpha&wid=400″ alt=”FLAC logo” class=””>

Play FLAC files

 FLAC compatibility lets you play lossless audio files, so you can enjoy every detail of the music.

USB icon<img src=”//www.sony.com/image/6cb1716e9eeea0760bdfa2ec1d69c35e?fmt=jpeg&wid=400″ alt=”USB icon” class=””>

AOA 2.0-compatible USB port

The front USB port can play tracks from drives, music players and iOS phones, and can stream audio from Android devices.4

High-contrast LCD icon<img src=”//www.sony.com/image/05fd5da204951e06f6993d9d77c2d77e?fmt=png-alpha&wid=400″ alt=”High-contrast LCD icon” class=””>

Read easily with high-contrast LCD

With five times the contrast of conventional screens, plus an optimized viewing angle, the screen is always easy to read.

Image of iPhone connected to DSX-B700 via USB input<img src=”//www.sony.com/image/47d912d90cdeca4215c7a2ce82e4c081?fmt=png-alpha&wid=720″ alt=”Image of iPhone connected to DSX-B700 via USB input” class=””>

USB input lets you play music from your iPhone or iPod

You can easily play music from your iOS devices. Just plug in with a USB cable and control basic playback functions while seeing track information on the display.

Simple control

Our three-line high-contrast display makes it easy to read, wherever you’re sitting. A rotary dial gives you simple control of music and more.

Image of DSX-B700 with 3-line high-contrast display




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