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Sound meets safety, with hands-free control.
Play music and use your smartphone on the road, just by talking
This double-din AV centre connects with your Apple or Android handset for effortless voice control while you drive. Built-in 4 x 55W amplification delivers clear sound that you can customise to your liking.
XAV-AX200 Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Use with your mobile
Connect your compatible Apple or Android smartphone to get information, control entertainment and more.

Size & Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D)178 x 102 x 168mm

General Features

Output Power55W
Pre Out
3Pre 4VSub Out
Zone x ZoneNoAux-In(No)
Rear View Camera in3USBYes (Rear x1)
Firmware upgradability (Yes)
Video out Yes
Time Alignment(No)
DSO (Dynamic Stage Organizer)
Equalizer10Band Graphic Equalizer
EXTRA BASSYes(Off/1/2)Album artwork Indication


Tuner Features
PresetFM18 / AM12Auto MemoryBTM
RDS / EONYes (Only RDS)

CD/DVD Control Feature
Repeat / Shuffle (Main Unit)
CD-R Playback
NoCD-RW Playback
NoDVD-R / -RW Playback
NoDVD+R / +RW Playback
MP3: ID3 Tag Indication (Version, Title /Artist / Album)(No)
Dolby Digital Playback (Main Unit)
DVD-Video Playback (Main Unit)
DVD-VR Playback (Main Unit)
VCD Playback (Main Unit)(No)

Bluetooth Profile
HFP 1.5Yes (1.6)A2DPYes (1.2)OPPNo
SPPNoAVRCPYes (1.4)PBAP (1.1)

Bluetooth Feature
Speed Dial(6 memories)
Recent Calls (# of)Yes (20 numbers)
Last Dialed Call(select from the dialed call history)
Phonebook (Built in)
No Phonebook Access via PBAP
Alphabetical Phonebook Sorting
Auto AnswerYes (off / on)
Ring Volume Level Control
Call Volume Level Control
External Microphone Supplied
Battery Remainder Indication
Signal Strength Indication

Bluetooth Audio Feature

Audio Codec (Bluetooth Audio)SBCPause (Bluetooth Audio)
CUE / REV TRACK +/-YesGroup (Folder) +/-
Audio Level Adjustment (-8dB to +18dB)
Repeat Control (Audio Device side)
Shuffle Control (Audio Device side)
Meta Data Indication

Panel Design

Panel Surface Finish ColorBlack
Panel Detachability(No)


LCD TypeTFT Active MatrixScreen Aspect17: 9Screen Diagonal (inch / mm)6.4 inchScreen Size (W x H mm)143.4 * 76.704 (mm)
Resolution (DOT)800 x 480DimmerYesContrast Ratio600Brightness400cd / m2

Display Panel

Dimmer Adjust

User Interface

Touch PanelYesGesture Command
Parking Control
Aspect Ratio Select
Rear View Camera-In Marker Setting
USB Mass Storage Device Control Feature

USB Device Control (Repeat)
(Shuffle)OFF/FOLDERUSB Device Control (Pause)
USB Device Control (Resume Play)
USB Device Control (Audio Codec)PCM/MP3/WMA/AAC/FLACUSB Device Control (Audio Playable File Extension).wav/.mp3/.wma/.m4a/.flacUSB Device Control (Video Codec)MPEG4-SP/AVC(H.264 Baseline)/WMV/FLV/MKV/XviDUSB Device Control (Video Playable File Extension).mp4/.wmv/.flv/.mkv

Multi Language

Menu English / Spanish / French / Germany / Italian / Dutch / Russian / Portuguese / Thai / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / KoreanCautionEnglish / Spanish / French / Germany / Italian / Dutch / Russian / Portuguese / Thai / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Korean

ID3 Tag English / Spanish / French / Germany / Italian / Dutch / Russian / Portuguese / Thai / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Korean

What’s In The Box

External microphone
Card Remote

Fitting Frame
Collar: Yes (hard type)


Apple CarPlay makes driving smarter1

Use all your essential iPhone functions on the road, with Apple CarPlay. Connect your phone via cable, and you’ll see a familiar interface displayed clearly on screen. Tap the icons to take calls, check voicemails and text messages, or bring up maps. And of course, listen to your favourite songs using iTunes, Apple Music or installed apps. Apple CarPlay even lets you talk to Siri to control everything using voice commands. You can dictate text messages, control music playback or get directions, without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Enjoy immersive audio

Built-in 4 x 55W power amp gives you all the volume you need, with clear and dynamic sound.

Play video anywhere

Whenever your car isn’t moving, enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows with the built-in DVD player.

Voice control with Android Auto

Use voice commands to dictate messages, take phone calls or get help from Google maps. You can even control music playback, just by talking.

Android Auto™ gives you all the help you need2

Journeys are easier and safer with help from Android Auto. Connect your Android phone via cable to get traffic information, lane guidance, and real-time navigation assistance from Google maps. You can even send text messages, take calls or check your voicemail through the simple interface. Android Auto also includes best in-class voice recognition technology, so you can control everything just by speaking. Get directions, send messages, make calls and control music while keeping your hands safely on the wheel.

Navigating with Apple CarPlay1

Tell Siri where you’re going, and it will give you real-time directions as you drive.

Navigating with Android Auto2

Use Google Maps to get directions and traffic updates whenever you need them.

10-band equaliser

Hear your music the way you want to, with the built-in graphic equaliser. Cut and boost ten different frequencies for unlimited sound sculpting options.

Dynamic Reality Amp 2

Advanced signal processing from the 4 x 55W Dynamic Reality Amp 2 removes interference, so music sounds clear and detailed. Even when you crank up the volume.

3 x pre-outs

With three high-voltage pre-outs, you can easily expand your system with power amplifiers to drive speakers and subwoofers.

Dynamic Stage Organiser

Sound waves are directional, so if your speakers are in your doors or under your dash, the audio may seem muddy or unclear. Dynamic Stage Organiser adjusts the signal, improving the stereo positioning so music sounds like it’s coming from the dashboard.

Clear, responsive touch screen

Everything you need is a quick tap away, thanks to the 16.3cm (6.4″) full-colour touch screen.

Turn or push to control

The ergonomic rotary dial gives you easy access to helpful functions on the road. Turn it to adjust volume, or push the integrated button to access sound control menus. Alternatively, hold the button to use voice control commands.

3-camera input ready

Got a rear camera installed? View its feed through the screen, along with customisable guidelines that help you to reverse safely. Now you can see the image of the three connected cameras that you can choose on screen.

Apple CarPlay and Siri are trademarks of Apple Inc. Apple, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Android Auto is compatible with Android phones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later. Android Auto may not be available on all devices and is not available in all countries or regions. Android, Android Auto, and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc.

Actual colour and dimension may differ from the screen image.

Colours & features of the product shown may differ by model and country.

4K: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

Services availability depends on region. A part or whole of software/services installed into or accessible through the product may be changed, discontinued, removed, suspended, or terminated without notice.


This versitile camera offers a choice of mounting options with either a bracket mount or a flush mount (bumper fit). It comes with a minature connector which allows it to be routed easily through tight spots. Easily Installs on bottom of boot lids, lip mounts – generally found above number plates, in bumpers & van doors.
  • Butterfly Mount and Flush Mount option
  • 170 Deg Viewing Angle
  • Minimum Illumination: 0.2 LUX
  • Waterproof Grade: IP67 (Protection against Temporary Immersion, water splash & dust)
  • Size: 18mm x 17mm



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