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The speaker drivers in the PS 165 FXE kit guarantee an easy installation and pure in-car listening pleasure. Combining the best of Flax technology with the latest Focal innovations, they offer one of the most natural sounds.

The TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) surround incorporated in the woofers stabilizes the surround to achieve better control and greater neutrality and linearity, for an even denser bass. The central ogive cone, meanwhile, contributes to better sound dispersion.

The ‘M’-profile inverted dome TAM tweeters included in the kit offer a wider diffusion angle and greater sound definition, without directionality. Thanks to their tilted mounting, they are easy to install in the vehicle. A compact and pre-cabled audiophile crossover completes the kit. Finally, with its engraved aluminium basket and meticulous finishes, PS 165 FXE combines style, discretion and modernity for a premium system.

The sound of flax

In their pursuit of sonic excellence, Focal discovered that a flax woofer cone produces a dynamic sound that’s worthy of their reputation. At half the weight of fiberglass, these flax fibers help create a very rigid yet lightweight cone that ensures accuracy and limits unwanted vibrations.

Bi-amped system

Focal pre-wires the included external crossovers for an easier installation. Each crossover network also includes bi-amp connections, one for the woofer and one for the tweeter. When you power the woofers and tweeters separately, you’ll gain even more clarity and impact from this component system.

Tuned mass damper

Focal knows that control is of the utmost importance to accurate sound. Their patented surround uses the “tuned mass damper” technology used to enhance the structural stabilization of earthquake-resistant skyscrapers — seriously!! With greater control of the woofer cone, you’ll gain smoother, more natural sound.

Awesome power handling

This Flax Evo Series PS 165 FXE 6-1/2″ component speaker system combine flax woofers with Focal’s celebrated M-profile inverted dome tweeters. The inverted dome design of the tweeters mimics woofer-style sound dispersion, distributing the high frequencies in a wide pattern to create an exceptionally natural soundstage. The aluminum frame provides an incredibly rigid and non-resonant platform for these superior components. These speakers will handle up to 80 watts RMS, so powering them with an amplifier will really enhance their dynamic range.


  • Unique, patented Flax cone
  • Butyl surround with exclusive ‘TMD’ profile
  • Al/Mg ‘M’-profile inverted dome TAM tweeter
  • Bi-amplifier system
  • Made in France in the Focal workshops
  • High power handling
  • Deep, sustained bass
  • Wider diffusion angle
  • Natural, precise sound
  • Easy installation


Type 2-way component kit
Woofer 61/2” (165mm)
Woofer depth 31/16” (77mm)
Cone Flax sandwich
Tweeter TAM tweeter (Aluminium/Magnesium
‘M’-profile inverted dome tweeter)
Max. power 160W
Nom. power 80W RMS
Sensitivity (2.83V/3’
33/8”(1m)) 90.5dB
Frequency response 55Hz-28KHz
Voice coil diameter 11/4” (32mm)
Magnet Ferrite
Surround TMD
Impedance 4Ω
Crossover 12-18dB/oct @3kHz

Nominal power 80W
Maximum power 160W
Sensitivity 90.5dB
Nom. impedance 4Ω
Cone Flax
Surround TMD – Rubber
DC resistance 3.5Ω
VC diameter 32mm 11/4″
Former Kapton
Layers 2
Wire Copper
Net weight 1,350g 2.97lbs
Frequency response 55-28kHz
Crossover 12dB/Oct @3kHz
Rdc 3.5Ω
Fs 60Hz
Mms 14g
Cms 0.44mm/N
Vas 12 l
Qts 0.82
Qes 0.93
Qms 8
Bxl 4.5N/A
Sd 127cm²
SPL 90.5dB
Xmax 5mm

Tweeter Dimensions:

Flush Mount Angled Surface Mount
Mounting Height 0.393″ 1.8″
Depth 0.425″ (screw depth)
Frame Diameter 2.046″ 2.07″ x 2.15″
Cutout Diameter 1.572″ N/A

Crossovers: Each crossover has screw terminal inputs and outputs that will accommodate bare wire or spade connectors up to 0.315″ wide. (Speaker wire is not included with the system.) The output level of the tweeters is adjustable; choose 0 dB or -3 dB. The output level of midrange frequencies is also adjustable; choose 0 dB or -3 dB. The crossovers also have bi-amp inputs, one input for the tweeter and one for the woofer. When bi-amping the speakers, the input jumpers need to be removed. Using four amplifier channels to bi-amp the speakers typically improves the dynamic range and presents an easier load for the amp(s) to drive. The crossovers use 12 dB per octave low-pass and 18 dB per octave high-pass filters. The crossover point for both is 3 kHz.

Crossover Dimensions:

  • Width: 5⅜”
  • Height: 1⅝”
  • Depth: 4″


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